In a world where space and material resources are precious commodities, our commitment to reusable, recyclable technologies is illustrated emphatically in our custom Conex repurposing programs

We customize Conex box base units to customers’ specifications. Our base platforms include 20’ and 40’ freight containers that are converted into single or multipurpose ISBUs, or Intermodal Steel Building Units.

Conex Box Applications Include:
• Modular prefabricated Green building systems
• CHU – Containerized Housing Units
• Container Homes (multiple unit)
• COH – Containerized Office Units
• Office buildings
• Portable construction site offices
• Sleeping quarters, portable shower/toilet units
• Specialized storage units
• Mobile manufacturing process containers
• Mobile data and communication centers
• Remote power stations
• Refrigerated containers
• Heat resistant containers (more than 2000 °F) with a fire rating >3 hours
• Shelters
• Emergency disaster relief units
• EMI/RFI shielded containers
• Units with blast and ballistic protection
• Military units for a variety of rapidly deployable, customizable systems

Benefits Include:
• Excellent structural properties, rugged and weather tight
• Design flexibility
• Comprehensive range of interior modular sandwich panel configurations
• Wide selection of R-values
• Built-in electrical chase – Ideal for Green building projects

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