Pre-Fabricated – Our modular offices are pre-fabricated. They are manufactured to your specifications and then delivered to your facility ready to be installed. This cuts down on the time of construction that actually takes place at your location.

Re-Usable –Modular offices are reusable. Should your needs change and the modular office would be better suited elsewhere, then it can be moved and you never lose their original investment.

Re-Configurable- Companies grow, needs change and so can the modular room. Whether you need more space or need to change your current modular room configuration, you’re not locked into your original design. All panels are interchangeable and can be assembled to fit any current need.

Better Soundproofing – Our modular enclosures create a comfortable work area even in the loudest manufacturing plants. One of the most important requirements is sound control, without the proper sound control a room could be rendered useless. The Modular Office Company has sound controlled modular rooms that are acoustically designed to out perform any typical conventional construction

Fast Installation– Since most of the work is done prior to delivery, the installation time is greatly reduced. We have completed modular office installations in as little as one day for clients who needed them immediately and with little interruption to facility operations.

Less Mess – Sealing off work areas, and cleaning of equipment can be costly for any company, especially in a food processing or pharmaceutical environment. Because our product is delivered pre-fabricated, the mess is greatly reduced during installation.

Pre-Engineered – Our modular offices are pre-designed and engineered. This saves you the time and cost of having to hire your own engineer or architect. This allows you to commit the time and resources saved to other important projects. At most you may be required to have an engineer or architect review and seal the drawings, but this will still be less expensive than if an engineer/architect had to start from scratch.

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