Success Stories


The Modular Office Company specializes in providing solutions to manufacturing companies that are in need of more office/meeting/etc. space. We’ll provide a customized solution with minimum disruption to your operations. Read Manufacturing Success Stories »


When your distribution plant needs more space for storage, and floor space is limited; we can provide a solution. See how we’ve helped other distribution centers increase their space effectively & within budget. Read Distribution Success Stories »


Are you a pharmaceutical company in need of extra work, storage, or office space? We can provide you with a space solution with minimal inconvenience and disruption to your facility operations. Read Pharmaceutical Success Stories »

Food and Beverage

Our company has provided space solutions to many companies in the food and beverage industry. From restaurants to liquor stores, we’ve helped companies maximize their vertical space. Read Food and Beverage Success Stories »


We specialize in providing modular offices to companies in the service industry. From dry cleaners to a company that does specialized testing, we've covered all sides of the spectrum. Read Service Success Stories »

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